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At DMH, we focus on offering unbiased expert advice that puts your family's interests first and helps you manage your wealth through generations.

Our service goes beyond simple advisory status. We take a hands-on approach, prioritise a trust-based relationship, and though we may not be family, we strive to include your values and traditions in every decision we make.

Every new client in our Family Office portfolio is a long term commitment. We take care of the needs of each family member, establish a multi-generational wealth strategy, act as independent counsels, and provide guidance in financial matters.

Our partnership with the Swiss global firm UBS, grants us comprehensive access to international capital markets, and a fully integrated set of wealth management capabilities.

Long term strategies to secure and grow your family's wealth.

Family Office Underlying SERVICES


Customised solutions that align with your family's financial goals, values and traditions. We handle everything from succession planning related to business, investment, lifestyle assets and more.


We'll help you optimise your investment strategy and maximise returns on your assets. Our guidance can help you understand the complexities of managing wealth across multiple generations and provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.


We can assist you handling the planning, execution and monitoring of your projects and help you optimise your performance.


Get the support you need to navigate the ever-changing tax landscape.


We'll provide you with regular reports which offer a clear view of your investment portfolio.

Professional Network

Get access to our network of third party professionals. Whatever your project, we can find you the assistance you need to make it a reality.

Cash Management

For selected clients we assist in dealing with the bank and relevant authorities and organise their monthly cash flow to maintain a regular income stream.

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