Portfolio management
Portfolio management


Our team of seasoned market professionals use their expertise to identify value-based investment opportunities that align with your risk appetite.

Our discretionary portfolio management service identifies opportunities for growth while carefully managing risk when investing on our clients' behalf

We'll work closely with you to establish your investment preferences, financial objectives, and timelines, allowing us to create a customised strategy that balances your objectives with the realities of the market. As a fee-only financial advisor, we are completely independent and you can trust that every decision we make on your behalf is unbiased and focused on meeting your needs.

Achieving your long term needs with optimal financial market strategies.

Portfolio Management THE PROCESS

Understanding your needs

Our team looks at data through different prisms, ensuring a well-rounded approach to managing your investments while focusing on your risk tolerance, preferences and objectives.

Investment Committee

Our weekly Investment Committee, consisting of members with diverse experience, offers the most accurate analysis of risks and opportunities. Decisions are made by a restricted team of professionals who uphold our strict confidentiality policies.


Asset allocation is critical to achieving your investment goals. We offer model portfolios in both fixed income and equity investments to ensure both optimisation and diversification of your investments performance.


We make international investments through our partnership with UBS, one of the world's leading wealth management firms. Through their global reach and expertise, we offer a broad range of international investment opportunities to help you diversify your portfolio.

Portfolio Management at a glance

  • Funds under management.

MUR 2.1 Billion

  • Number of investment portfolios.

66 Portfolios

  • Local portfolio composition.

60% Equity, 27% Fixed Income, 13% Money Market

  • Regulator

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